The Crew of Flight 1549

We are only in the second month of 2009 and already so many amazing and unforgettable things have happened. One of the craziest was the crash-landing if American Airlines Flight 1549 in the Hudson river. 

Here are the first interviews with the pilot and crew of the plane on 60 Minutes. I will have to convince myself that all flight crews are so well trained and quick acting to be able to get on another commercial flight after this story, but in the end this is a story of triumph and hope, which is something we all need right now. 

This is the interview with the rest of the crew about what it was like in the main cabin during those harrowing 5 minutes between take-ff and landing in the river. 

This video clip shows the reunion between the crew and passengers a few weeks after the crash. This will make you cry and want to hug all the people you love!

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